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 We’re ready to meet our guests, using comfortable bus Тoyota Nias (12 seats), arranging prompt transfer to a route «Hotel «Uyut» – train station/city airport». The company of passengers and overall luggage are easily placing into provided bus. 

We are pleased to offer you a convenient and affordable transport service. Notify us about your arrival (you just have to send us you flight details, train/ train carriage number) to discuss the possibility and specific time of the intended transfer.
The transfer price for hotel guests
 Duration of transfer (it’s approximate, depends on the time of the day)
Airport - Hotel
30 minutes
Hotel- Airport
Almaty train station 1- Hotel
Hotel-Almaty 1 Train station
Station Almaty 2 - Hotel
30 minutes
Hotel-Almaty train station 2


Warning! We’re ready to provide a shuttle to serve your movement, if the Hotel has free transport at this time. 

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