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Rent of conference hall

The southern capital of Kazakhstan - the sunny city of Almaty - is popular not only among tourists. This is a large modern metropolis, whose economic life is very rich: business elites of the country come here, arranging all sorts of negotiations, conferences, seminars, business meetings. Conducting such events requires appropriate facilities. Renting a conference room in a hotel is an excellent option for both a large company and a small company.

гостиницы «Уют» в Алматы, официальный сайт гранд-отеля гостиницы «Уют» в Алматы, официальный сайт гранд-отеля
гостиницы «Уют» в Алматы, официальный сайт гранд-отеля гостиницы «Уют» в Алматы, официальный сайт гранд-отеля

The conference rooms of the Uyut Hotel located in the center of Almaty are at your service! They are distinguished by a large area. Here you can comfortably accommodate from 30 to 100 people. Anyone, even the smallest conference room in a hotel, will be able to accept business negotiations, become a place for a focus group, a mini-concert or a presentation. Your event can be organized in the form of a round table. To do this, a table for negotiations can be put in the center of the hall. You can accommodate guests in the theater in several rows. Guest chairs can be placed in any format. The number of participants in the event depends on it.

Rent of conference rooms in the hotel "Uyut": different options

The hotel has three different conference rooms. «Khan-Shatyr» seats from 30 to 100 people; «Dostyk» - 18-30 people; «Kuat» - 18 -30 people. For small meetings, we can offer meeting room services. It has all the necessary equipment. It accommodates 15-25 people. A buffet table or coffee break can be held in the restaurant of our hotel.

The cost of renting conference rooms

The cost of using the conference room of the Uyut Hotel depends on the time and duration of the lease and the size of the hall.


Type of Conference Hall

(q-ty of person)

Round table
(q-ty of person)
Price in tenge 
for 1 hour 
(min 4 hours) 
10 000
5 000
5 000

The cost of renting a conference room includes the price of using its basic equipment. In each of our halls there are:

  • several 120-inch LCD monitors;
  • video system;
  • DVD player;
  • marker board;
  • flipchart.

Additional equipment:

  • LCD Projector notebook 
  • LCD Projector
  • Notebook

The cost is calculated individually. Discounts for the services of our conference rooms and meeting rooms are provided on holidays and weekends. The appearance of a particular room you can appreciate from the photo on our website.

The conference rooms offered in Almaty for holding various seminars, meetings and negotiations have a different level of equipment and visual appeal.

But the Uyut Hotel guarantees its guests not only the luxury class of comfort during the event, but also the creation of an amazingly hospitable atmosphere. The highest level of service will be the key to the success of all your endeavors. 


Type of Conference Hall Location Length (м) Width (м) Theatrical style Cocktail style Banquet style Round table Flat topped style Style of the Class room
«Khan-Shatyr» first floor 12 9 100 80 80 30 30 30
«Dostyk» first floor 9 4 30 - - 18 18 20
«Kuat» first floor 9 4 30 - - 18 18 20


Prices for all services on rent of conference halls and Negotiations Room can be reviewed in terms of order.

Discounts are available on weekends and holidays.


Choose, book and come!

  Our guests will be amazed with comfort and services of high quality!
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