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Information on the types and use of cookies on the site hotel-uyut.kz

Cookie Policy


1. We use information from cookies

This website uses cookies and other device identification technologies (cookies) to provide services to understand how our site is used, as well as the behavior and interests of users and users on the Internet.

2. What cookies do we use?

The term cookie means the files that are needed to store and process information on your computer, mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet, which you use to access our site.

What types of cookies we use. "The first cookie" you get from our domain when you visit our site. We can also allow the search engine to set cookies in your device's browser to access the Internet. This is a "Third-Party Cookie", they transmit an analytical, functional cookie or cookie with positioning.

The session of cookies starts only after the browser is opened. After the browser is closed, the cookie automatically ends. But there are "Persistent cookies", they remain on your device after the browser is closed. Their validity is up to six months.

3. Make a choice

Each user has the right to choose whether to accept cookies on his device. You can refuse. But cookies are important elements for the operation of our site. The absence of a cookie affects the availability of our services.
You can configure your browser to reject, receive or delete cookies. Such operations are done in the browser settings.

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